Sadyr Japarov wins landslide victory in Kyrgyzstan's presidential election

Sadyr Japarov won a landslide victory on Sunday in Kyrgyzstan's snap presidential election, which was triggered by the collapse of the previous government.

Japarov has won almost 80% of the vote, preliminary results cited by Kyrgyzstan's Central Election Commission showed, meaning there will be no run-off.

More than 80% of voters have also supported a proposal to reform the constitution to give the president greater powers at parliament's expense, the commission said. Japarov said the reform would be enacted by June.

"I am assuming power at a time of hardship and crisis," Japarov told reporters after the results were announced.

"One or two years will not be enough to fix everything, we can do it in three or four years and it will require stability."

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